Shearing Day at LMA
The harvesting of this gorgeous fiber from our alpacas is a very special event for us. We shear our alpacas once a year. They produce between 4 - 10 lbs of fiber depending on size of alpaca, age, length of staple and density of fiber. We use all of our fiber by having it made in to yarn, roving or rugs.

The 2011 Shearing Crew:

Gail Scherer: head holder & fiber collector
Steve Scherer: cable throw (helped bring alpacas gently to the ground)
Ann Addison: fiber collector, cleaner and head holder
Darryl Addison: head holder, fiber collector, cable pull
Kelly "Buttercup" Addison: gathered alpacas, cable pull
Donnie Elder: official "Butt Man" (held alpacas rear while we sheared chest)
Traci Elder: fiber collector
Courtney Williams: official comb/cutter changer
Holly Williams: Shearer