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"The Great Pyrenees"

About the Breed

In the United States they are called Great Pyrenees. In the United Kingdom and on the continent of Europe, they are known as the Pyrenean Mountain Dog.

A member of the Mastiff family, as mature adults they are rather sedate. As a breed they are remarkably healthy and long lived. They have few major genetic problems and usually live to be 10-12 years old.

The Great Pyrenees combines a great intelligence with a deep devotion to family and home, and a natural-born instinct to guard and protect. They command respect as watch dogs (when you here one bark you will know why) as well as admiration as pets.

The picture at the left shows Mounty at 4 months of age, rather tall and lanky.

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Livestock Guardian or All-Purpose Farm Dog?

They range in size from around 25-32 inches at the shoulder. In weight it ranges from 85-140 pounds. It is primarily markings of badger, gray, or varying shade of tan and has a long, flat, harsh protective coat.

The Great Pyrenees is a territorial guard by nature, which means that he works to keep his territory free from predatory danger.
By nature, the Great Pyrenees is nocturnal. It has no tolerance for other dogs except the dogs it grows up with. They can be trusted with small, young and helpless animals of any kind, but it has to be watched as a young pup with some supervision as it usually takes a pup 18 months to become a livestock guardian dog. It is one of the most interesting qualities of a Great Pyrenees-the absolute intolerance of all predators, coupled with extraordinary patience and kindness to stock.

There are basically two ways in which Pyrenees are utilized as protectors of stock. They can be an all-purpose "Ranch or Farm Dog" that lives on a farm, usually in the proximity of the farmyard and ranch house. He is part pet, part guard dog. He takes care of the ranch, the family, and the stock that is usually pastured close to the house. This is definitely what we have!!!

Or if you are devoted to not having allot of contact with your dog, he can become a great "Livestock Guardian Dog." The Livestock Guardian dog is not a pet, and he is not allowed access to the farmyard or to the house. His sole duty is to protect the stock, in some cases on large isolated pastures or ranges. Pyrenees have been known to increase their territory and may also protect stock belonging to adjoining neighbors pastures. The breed performs admirably in either of these situations.

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This picture of Mounty shows him with a piece of deer hide. A lazy hunter left a deer carcass near our property and he has brought home an array of bones, horns and skin to show off. Quite a character, he will find a good hiding place for his treasure, buried in the woods so he may find it another day. Mounty has such a great temperament, and is about the goofiest thing we have ever seen when he is playing. I don't know how you could raise one of these dogs and not have it as a pet. It would be really hard. Without a huge chunk of land, it is hard not to have contact with them. We think he does a good job guarding the farm in the evenings and that is really all we ask.

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