LMA Alpaca Yarn, Skein of the Month Club
The perfect gift for knitters, crocheters and weavers.

What is the yarn of the month club?

It is the gift that keeps on giving. Sign up once and receive two skeins of alpaca yarn every other month for one year. Most will be vibrant hand dyed colors and a few will be natural skein colors. The skein's are bulky weight, 150 yards/3.5 oz. 12 skeins total. The hand dyed yarn is made from our fine white and fawn alpacas. Natural colors will include dark browns, greys and rich blacks, all raised and shorn right here on our farm.

When do I get my first skein?

With in two weeks of ordering you will receive your first two skeins. If it is closer to the beginning of the month it will count for the current month, if it is near the end of the month it will count for the next month. Or you can order a head of time for a specific starting month.

Is it packaged as a gift?

Yes, it will come in a pretty box with a gold bow. The first two skeins will also come with a note card with a custom message, or it can be left blank for you to fill out. The not card also explains how the Skein of the month works.

How do I order?

We hope to eventually add forms and paypal payment services, for an easy click to order feature. However for the time being you will need to order by emailing or calling us. You can pay with credit card (VS, MC orAMEX), Paypal or check.

email address: lard@alpacamoon.com

Phone: (706) 897-2379 or (706) 835-1837.

Please email or have ready the following information:

1.) When you want to start (ASAP or a certian month?)
2.) Address to be shipped
3.) Billing address
4.) Payment method
5.) Do you want the note card to say anything special?

What does it cost?

$295, includes shipping in the U.S.